Ok, breathe…

After that unfortunate incident (re: fire). I couldn’t sleep. I could barely eat (well, ok, that’s a good thing, considering how FAT I’ve become). And I couldn’t enjoy my leave.

Or so I thought.

Thursday afternoon, my daughter Meg did the cutest thing. She turned on her side and was lying on her stomach! This was the first time she did it! I was so excited I took a picture! (can’t post it just yet, my cable’s crappy).

Oooh, and the best part was when Marlon got home, I was telling him about it and she did it again (the little show off!)

Even though Marlon and I are facing so many problems right now, I’m still thankful that God has blessed us with a wonderful daughter. Meg is my inspiration. And even if I have to work 2 jobs, I will, just to be able to provide for my darling angel.