Last Thursday, I filed for an emergency leave to take care of Meg. We were sleeping soundly (enough) when we were suddenly woken up by noise outside the house. There was a fire! Marlon got up and checked it out, I only peeked because I couldnt leave Meg alone. But by the sound of it, it was huge!

True enough, Marlon gave me the details – the entire market place was burning! The fire was blazing and it was eating up the market! Sheesh! That was unbelievable!

Why unbelievable? Because a few doors down from the market was the Fire Station. Why was the market place burning then?

Because the frigging fire station didnt have any water, that’s why! Pathetic!!!

Responding fire stations came from QC, Parañaque, Pasay, and the like. Our fire station, fire trucks, and fire men couldnt do a damn thing.

The word in the street is that the fire wasnt an accident. Oh heck, even if it were, the place would have still burned down because our fire station doesnt have any water.

Think its unbelievable. Say it’s stupid. Be outraged.

Shoots. That’s exactly how I feel.