Sometimes, you just get fed up with it all. Sigh. When will “I love you” be enough?

Faith answers this question!

Believing that the vows I took where not made in vain and having God as the center of our married life is vital. It’s what keeps the marriage up, no matter how hard the winds of trouble blow.

I love my family, my child, and my husband. The vows I took where not just words uttered in the heat of the moment. Nosireebob. I had prayed to God and asked him if my decisions were right. Besides, not everything that’s right and good easy to attain. And marriage is like that. It’s lived on earth – and as humans are, we make a muck of things by being inconsistent at times.

But it is in God that I trust. It is to Him that we made our vows. And it is through Him, that we shall prevail.