I was listening to my favorite radio station, Magic 89.9, and heard Mojo Jojo complain about an article by Isagani Cruz, “Don we now our gay apparel“. I got curious so I checked it out in inq7.net.
I have one thing to say – people who are privileged to have their thoughts/opinions posted in national dailies shouldn’t be allowed to write such drivel! I’m all for freedom of speech, but to read something like that, it’s just hatred dressed up!

The following quotes is an extraction of the last 3 paragraphs:

Now homosexuals are everywhere, coming at first in timorous and eventually alarming and audacious number. Beauty salons now are served mostly by gay attendants including effeminate bearded hairdressers to whom male barbers have lost many of their macho customers. Local shows have their share of “siyoke” [gay men], including actors like the one rejected by a beautiful wife in favor of a more masculine if less handsome partner. And, of course, there are lady-like directors who are probably the reason why every movie and TV drama must have the off-color “bading” [gay] or two to cheapen the proceedings.

And the schools are now fertile ground for the gay invasion. Walking along the University belt one day, I passed by a group of boys chattering among themselves, with one of them exclaiming seriously, “Aalis na ako. Magpapasuso pa ako!” [“I’m leaving. I still have to breastfeed!”] That pansy would have been mauled in the school where my five sons (all machos) studied during the ’70s when all the students were certifiably masculine. Now many of its pupils are gay, and I don’t mean happy. I suppose they have been influenced by such shows as “Brokeback Mountain,” our own “Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros” (both of which won awards), “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” and that talk program of Ellen Degeneres, an admitted lesbian.

Is our population getting to be predominantly pansy? Must we allow homosexuality to march unobstructed until we are converted into a nation of sexless persons without the virility of males and the grace of females but only an insipid mix of these diluted virtues? Let us be warned against the gay population, which is per se a compromise between the strong and the weak and therefore only somewhat and not the absolute of either of the two qualities. Be alert lest the Philippine flag be made of delicate lace and adorned with embroidered frills.

Although I am not gay, I know gay people – the operative term being people – and many of them are my friends. For myself, my friends and as a human being, I am offended by Mr. Isagani Cruz’ article.

What I find most distressing is that someone who is supposedly an intellectual, someone who is granted the privelege of reaching out and touching lives, can be so callous and irresponsible. It is acceptable for public figures to do inane things when caught unawares, but when you write an article, you dont just write and send it to the publishers. You sit down, think about what you’re going to write and then let the words flow. You also have an editor who goes through it before the day’s end.

Mr. Cruz was given the power to reach out to people, but his recklessness just shows that not everyone granted power will use it wisely. Not everyone considered an intellectual uses his coconut, and not everyone published deserves it. It is my hope that readers know better than to lap up what Mr. Cruz served.