The SB category is where I put in detail the “Story Behind” something I previously posted either in this blog or in my other wordpress blog.
This one is about vidaism #1. Call me a prude, but I really get p-i-s-s-e-d when people blurt out their unwelcome and unadulterated opinions. I mean, hello, who died and made you the all-knowing-all-powerful-comment-giver? I especially hate negative comments about people’s looks, even snide ones like “Gosh darnit she looks fabulous, maybe she had botox or something”. And when caught in a situation where I can’t help but comment, I try as much as I can to say something nice rather than something nasty – this of course is automatically rejected or ignored by the all-knowing-chuvanes.

Now the story behind vidaism #1 is that I’ve received earful after annoying earful of such tactless comments. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve ignored comments about my weight. The worst comment I received was “bakit ka nagkaganyan?” (why did you turn out that way?) and “anong nangyari sa yo?”(what happened to you?). Normally I ignore these remarks, but when I know I’m trying my darnest to look better than I would, that is when it hurts me.
Those who knew me in College have the most priceless reactions. Granted I’ve been fighting the bulge since I was in gradeschool, but I bloomed in College. I don’t know if it was the environment (exclusive school for girls) or that I was extremely busy (double major) or because I was happier then, but it had manifested itself physically. But then after graduation, things changed. The stress, the loneliness, the lifestyle, the depression, the pregnancy, and WHAM, 5 years later I turned into a 150 pound fatty-patty! I remember, during the first trimester of my pregnancy I got so depressed because a pedicab driver commented on my waddling, saying “ganyan talaga pag matataba” (that’s how it is when [you’re] fat).

I dont want to accept that it’s just how it is. That people will ignore the corruption in government, the obvious lies of politicians, the degradation of society, the decline of humanity and morals, but they can’t help but unleash a knee-jerk reaction about how you look. We nit-pick without thinking of the consequences and criticize the inane.

When will we see that a kind word is more effective than a harsh one? When will we realize that we should choose when and how to react?

Ok. I’ll shut up now.