The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever

In the hustle and bustle of every day, in trying to adjust to the constant changes and shocking situations that we’re shoved into, I – sadly – must admit that I forget to look back, recognize, give time or thanks to God. In willing myself to catch up with the urgencies of each day, the miracles of life are left unnoticed. And yet, everything else that seem so urgent at the time, are actually less important. After a while, one wouldn’t even give it a second look or thought.

I am ashamed. Our God is so good to us. He has delivered us from our wretchedness, accepted us inspite of our sinfulness and loved us despite our selfish ways, and yet what thanks does He receive? A forgotten Sabbath. A hurried prayer. Hurting our fellow human beings and His wonderful creations.

In this crazy, constantly changing, world, only one thing remains – God’s love.

Lord, I find myself lost again. Losing my way again. Losing my patience. Losing my humanity. Forgive me Lord, for forgetting Your call. For forgetting Your laws. For turning away from Your open arms. For hurting You when all You ever wanted was to love me.  I am sorry Lord for not having You as my first priority. I am sorry Lord for assuming that I can do all and be all without You.

Lord, in You alone shall I find peace, strength, and order. Help me Lord that I may find my way back to you.