I sometimes feel that I’m living in my own little world. There are times that I really don’t get, or care, about things that are causing so much “hype”. I don’t think I’m apathetic, really, it’s just that there are things that I care more about than the current fads.

An example is the ongoing Philippine Idol. Although I’m happy that our choice of reality television franchises have evolved, I just don’t feel like watching P.I. I’d rather wait and watch out for Next Top Philippine Model. Or we might have something like Project Runway Philippine version.

Going back to P.I., I can’t help but compare the style of the show and the level of talent to A.I. and the Philippines’ other local singing contests (e.g. Pinoy Pop Superstar!, Little Big Star, Tanghalan ng Kampeon). There’s too much going on (other than singing).

Maybe, just maybe, if the quality of the hosts and talents improve, I’ll start watching. But for now, I just don’t get it.