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I am so blessed to have chanced upon Bo Sanchez‘ site yesterday.

This was a stressful morning, and one of the things I avoid is being angry at someone in the morning, because it truly ruins my entire day. This morning could not be avoided – believe me, I tried. There were just too many things at once. Anyway, to cut it short, after the irritation, I just folded, I felt my heart break and my eyes well up with tears. Too much, too many, too soon. And then I visited Bo’s site – rather I was drawn to it – and found this blog entry. And I realize now, that the emptiness and loneliness that I have been feeling for so long had a cause, it was not unwarranted.

At least, there’s a reason.


Asian Treasures from WikipediaI wasn’t quite sure what my feelings were when I saw the teaser-trailer for GMA TVs newest show, Asian Treasures. The way the characters looked just seemed so… familiar. Then it dawned on me. Angel Locsin looks like Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, Robin Padilla was a mixture of Bruce Lee/Jackie Chan (the Do) and garbed in what seemed to be Indiana Jones’ clothes. The title reminiscent of Nicolas Cages’ National Treasure. I haven’t really watched it, but the typical love-hate relationship seems to be there. One thing’s for sure, they got my attention.