I dont belong here, I guess.

I’m not the type to force myself into a clique. If you want to be my friend, that’s great. But if you dont, I wont force you to like me. I prefer to keep things simple that way.

But sometimes, it just get’s so, I don’t know, tiring. Tiring not being asked out to lunch or a snack. Tiring to be the only one left in the office while everyone crams in the pantry. I never barge in. I dont go where I’m not wanted. Like a vampire, I need to be invited to know that I’m welcome.

Am I being sentimental or overly sensitive? I dont know. But I have always had a strong intuitive sense. If I dont belong, or if I’m not wanted, I know it. I feel it.

So yes, continue to give me the cold shoulder. I will not do the same. Instead, I’ll continue to treat you with the kindness and civility you do not actually deserve.