Marlon and I are truly blessed to be a part of this community – yes we have, and continue to go through ups and downs, moments of weaknesses and harassments. But the great opportunities, blessings and wonderful, awesomeness of God brightens, sheds light, and places all of these things in perspective.

We had our Christian Life Program last year, started on April 27 and graduated July 6. We had our Covenant Orientation 3 months later and our Marriage Enrichment 1 this March. We were called to early service – Yes, Lord, Thank You, Lord! – as we were called to become kids coordinators for our unit and members of our chapter’s music ministry.

But that wasn’t enough, God called us to serve further, in Corinthians music ministry of our cluster and now as facilitators for a new Christian Life Program! Ang galing Nyo, Lord, salamat po, salamat!


Father God, in Your infinite goodness, greatness, and wisdom, You know best. You brought us to where we are because of Your majesty, because of Your grace, because it is Your Will! Help us Father, that we will not seek to question, rather, that we may fully, wholly, faithfully and continually trust and accept Your challenges. Allow us to remain in Your presence. Father, fill us with Your most Holy Spirit. Let us seek comfort, consolation and strength from Your most awesome sacrifice, Your Son, Jesus Christ. Father, we trust in You. We Love You. We Adore You. We Serve You. To You be all Praise and Glory. Amen.