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Merriam-Webster‘s (online) dictionary defines insanity as

something utterly foolish or unreasonable

A friend of mine and I had a nice chata regarding crazy people, and our discussion ended with both of us somehow thinking that there are no absolutely sane persons in the world. True, there are those who are without a doubt in need of therapy or medication, but then there are those who just have their own bouts with insanity. Can any person really claim soundness of mind or a healthy mindset at all times? Hmmm.


Sometimes, you just get fed up with it all. Sigh. When will “I love you” be enough?

Faith answers this question!

Believing that the vows I took where not made in vain and having God as the center of our married life is vital. It’s what keeps the marriage up, no matter how hard the winds of trouble blow.

I love my family, my child, and my husband. The vows I took where not just words uttered in the heat of the moment. Nosireebob. I had prayed to God and asked him if my decisions were right. Besides, not everything that’s right and good easy to attain. And marriage is like that. It’s lived on earth – and as humans are, we make a muck of things by being inconsistent at times.

But it is in God that I trust. It is to Him that we made our vows. And it is through Him, that we shall prevail.

Ok, breathe…

After that unfortunate incident (re: fire). I couldn’t sleep. I could barely eat (well, ok, that’s a good thing, considering how FAT I’ve become). And I couldn’t enjoy my leave.

Or so I thought.

Thursday afternoon, my daughter Meg did the cutest thing. She turned on her side and was lying on her stomach! This was the first time she did it! I was so excited I took a picture! (can’t post it just yet, my cable’s crappy).

Oooh, and the best part was when Marlon got home, I was telling him about it and she did it again (the little show off!)

Even though Marlon and I are facing so many problems right now, I’m still thankful that God has blessed us with a wonderful daughter. Meg is my inspiration. And even if I have to work 2 jobs, I will, just to be able to provide for my darling angel.

Last Thursday, I filed for an emergency leave to take care of Meg. We were sleeping soundly (enough) when we were suddenly woken up by noise outside the house. There was a fire! Marlon got up and checked it out, I only peeked because I couldnt leave Meg alone. But by the sound of it, it was huge!

True enough, Marlon gave me the details – the entire market place was burning! The fire was blazing and it was eating up the market! Sheesh! That was unbelievable!

Why unbelievable? Because a few doors down from the market was the Fire Station. Why was the market place burning then?

Because the frigging fire station didnt have any water, that’s why! Pathetic!!!

Responding fire stations came from QC, Parañaque, Pasay, and the like. Our fire station, fire trucks, and fire men couldnt do a damn thing.

The word in the street is that the fire wasnt an accident. Oh heck, even if it were, the place would have still burned down because our fire station doesnt have any water.

Think its unbelievable. Say it’s stupid. Be outraged.

Shoots. That’s exactly how I feel.

Our wedding last December 28, 2004. It was held at St. Joseph’s Church (a.k.a Bamboo Organ) in Las Piñas City.

During this time, my family stays at home, going out only to attend to some chores and the mass. For others, it’s a time to go to the malls, resorts, or other summer hot spots, for us, it’s a time for quiet reflection and maybe rest. Some people become hyper during this time, cramming activities and trips while they can, for us, time seems to suspend itself, crawling at a snail’s pace. We all spend our Holy Week differently, although it is hoped that it is not spent selfishly.

There’s a little bit of sadness attached to the joy of having a child – sadness borne of the fear of making the same mistakes many parents make, sadness because you’re leaving another life behind. But the joy is much greater and grander. Nothing can compare! The pain coursing through me as I tried to recover from the c-section seemed to vanish as I looked at my daughter, looked in awe at her tiny hands and feet, smiled tearfully at her face and sleeping form. Meg is my life now. And a more vibrant future it seems to be.